Congratulations to Victory on HUAWEI's only gold medal supplier in 2017

2017/12/21 12:43:39 | News

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In December 1st, HUAWEI's 2017 core Executive Conference of domestic administrative services was held at J training center of Bantian base, HUAWEI headquarters in Shenzhen. The theme of this conference is "create a good ecosystem and share dividends". Mr. Liang Naxin, chairman of Baili group, Mr. Yang, general manager of customer service center, general manager Yan and general manager of overseas operation and management center, was invited to attend this conference.

The meeting of HUAWEI group president, Luo Wencheng delivered the opening speech, President of administrative services of domestic administrative service department, Purchasing Department of logistics services chapter, Cai Yanchen, the service quality inspection department Zhao Tiejun delivered a keynote speech.

Baili group has emerged from numerous HUAWEI furniture suppliers. It has become the only company that has been rated as the core supplier of 2017 HUAWEI furniture and its gold medal. This is also another highly recognized recognition after 2015, the only excellent supplier of office class.
Gabriel customer-centric business service concept, and a wealth of major clients and project management experience, and has strong business space overall scheme solving ability, high quality, high efficiency and low cost of production and installation capacity, to meet the demand of office furniture supply HUAWEI global coverage. All the products of Bailey are tested by strict environmental protection, and the whole series of products are tested by BIFMA.

Since 2004, Gabriel reached a strategic cooperation with HUAWEI, Experian for HUAWEI Shenzhen, Dongguan (Cheonan cloud Valley) (Songshan Lake), a base in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an city to provide office space solutions, project amount exceeded 250 million yuan.

In 2015, Bailey won the only office furniture supplier of HUAWEI in 2015. Subsequently, Bailey and HUAWEI reached the global strategic supply cooperation. In 2015-2017 years, Bailey provided office furniture and delivery package services to HUAWEI's Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and other key areas. Over the past three years, overseas HUAWEI has exceeded 30 million yuan.

Bailey can be appraised as "the only gold supplier of furniture category in HUAWEI 2017". It is highly recognized by HUAWEI's relevant leaders and users, proving Baili's strength in the whole business space.

In the future, the Bailey continues to go with the giants, with HUAWEI as the benchmarking and the "good environment and good talent" for more enterprises.