Project News: HUAWEI Casablanca

2018/4/24 1:01:47 | News

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HUAWEI Casablanca

New project for HUAWEI located in the Marina Area of Casablanca, Morocco, this new office building of Huawei is their head office of the North Africa region. This 5-storey building has a total office area of 3,800 m2, which includes open work area, manger office, meeting room and collaboration area. Victory Office Furniture successfully carries out a solution that could perfectly match with the work patterns of HUAWEI.

HUAWEI is the world's leading information and communications solutions provider. HUAWEI also as the Global first 500 company; HUAWEI successfully deal annual sales of nearly 240 billion Chinese dollar.  HUAWEI's telecommunication network equipment, IT equipment and solutions, and smart terminals have been applied in more than 170 countries and regions.

This is an office that embodies rigorous corporate culture and emphasizes corporate honor. The open working area is bright and spacious. We encourage everyone to discuss and share their inspire ideas. The pleasant environment and functional layout maximize the communication of employees in work and leisure. Here, you can feel the spirit of Huawei, while providing employees with an environment to enjoy work and inspire themselves to create quality products.

The employee workstation system creates a brand new active open workspace. Each employee has his own little place. With Victory’s products, employees can quickly switch to teamwork.

In Victory, we focus on the research and interpretation of office environment; and follow the motto of ‘good environment attracts good people’!