Project News: Huawei Algeria

2018/4/28 2:03:43 | News

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In 2017 , Victory carry out another masterpiece of project for Huawei in Algeria

Victory implies a new design for Huawei. We use simple lines and simple space design caters to new aesthetic values. We are highlighting the feelings of youthfulness, creativity. All the employee can be freed from depression and boredom, can also be inspired and invigorated in a less pressured work environment, and therefore, work more efficiently, especially for IT elites.

Accessories bring many surprises to the entire space. Employee can put photo frames, stickers, flowerpots and any other little things on table top or on the screen to energize to environment. All the designs and decorations are designed to creating a sense of familiar to all the employee. Design of accessory is very practical. It can easily inspire people to communicate and collaborate.

Huawei is active in North Africa now. Huawei and Salam Technology have built a large-capacity video storage system for the Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar. Huawei Algeria is playing an important role during their program. Victory assists Huawei’s employee to carry out a better result by creating a better working environment.

The entire space presents a fresh and lively atmosphere. Green is the main color in here. Designer carefully selected furniture to work white ceilings and walls in order to increase the cleanliness and brightness of the space.