Victory at CIFF

2018/5/31 11:13:52 | News

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At CIFF 2018,Victory presented a deep, elegant and charming image in the 4 day exhibition in Guangzhou, China from March 28th to 31st.

In this annual celebration of Chinese office furnishing industry, Victory has always been one of the focal points of the domestic and international audience, and has received praises from both the industry and customers, because innovation, quality and sustainability are appreciated in Victory.

The new products initially launched at CIFF this year, including UU, ATOM, NEO and VC, are splendid fruits of human-oriented design. They are the stars of the exhibition, and caught the eyes of every visitors to our booth.





Unlike the exhibition booth design in the past that emphasize the mixture of the color palette, the design this year distinguishes different spaces with different colors. The characteristics of a color creates a unique atmosphere in each section of the booth, with the ornament of a different color, the space is vividly brightened and vitalized.