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Brand history

Guangzhou Baili Industrial Co., LTD., founded in 1990, has 30 years of development history



In 1990, he founded Benefi Office Supplies General, mainly engaged in the trade of office furniture, office equipment and office supplies.



Established Baili Wenyi Industrial Co., Ltd. with Weizhuo office Furniture factory.



Established Baili Industrial Shanghai branch, under the Shanghai production base, the formation of office furniture R & D, manufacturing, sales integration company.



Audi became our first customer in the automotive segment. China Mobile became our first customer in the communications segment and set the standard for mobile communications furniture. Become the core supplier of four state-owned banks terminal furniture and Huawei office furniture.



The company upgraded its strategy and proposed the development orientation of "living business overall solution expert".



The company entered a period of rapid development, integrated the Shanghai production base, built the largest office furniture manufacturing base in South China and put into operation in Conghua, focused on the automotive market segment business, and became the industry leader.



The first "living business space experience Museum" in Guangzhou was invested and completed, and the "living business space Experience Museum" in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen has been invested and built, forming four marketing platforms, and this model has been copied to major dealers in the country.



The company focuses on strategy, strengthens the operation mode of large-scale customization, and becomes the core supplier of Huawei global collection and the only designated supplier of Alibaba staff system collection. Upgrading and transformation of the demonstration unit title, high-tech enterprises, industrial design center.



Become the president of Guangzhou Furniture Association unit to further promote the healthy development of the industry.



Become the only gold supplier of Huawei administrative center furniture; Become the core supplier of China Commercial Aircraft, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, FAW and other large enterprises.



The company formulated a new five-year strategic development plan, and began to build the ability from strategy to execution, and established the core values of "customer-centric, value creation-based, and unremitting efforts". In the same year, the new office building of Baileys Phase II was completed; Won the title of "Iron Army" team of Huawei Songshan Lake Project.



With its multi-brand marketing strategy, the Group will support the development needs of new businesses in many new areas in the next five years. Through industry leadership, operational excellence and effective growth, the company will introduce the Finnish design brand LoOoK Industries, and expand the development of medical, health care, education, hotels and apartments with new brands such as Redbreast Bird and Peisenboz.



At the moment of the epidemic, Benefi actively responded, donated love, and paid tribute to the rebellious; At the same time, there are new breakthroughs in education and medical furniture.



In 2021, Benefi's new office building of 40,000 square meters will be put into use, the largest exhibition hall in the industry will also be completed and opened, and the production line upgrading and transformation of more than 10 million yuan will greatly enhance the production capacity of Benefi, show the charm of "living space, pleasant office", continue to increase research and development investment and space research, and constantly improve the overall solution capability of Benefi.

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